• Thanks! It’s still a favorite around here. I’m heading over to check out your list now! We have another road trip coming up and I’m on the hunt for activities! =)

  1. To fill the balloon with play dough I cut the top of a water bottle off and used it as a funnel (like putting a water balloon on a faucet) and it worked perfect, had it full in less than 5 minutes.

    • That’s a smart idea! I’ll definitely have to try that next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Great ideas!! We’re going on a 10-hour road trip this summer, and I’m nervous about my 18-month-old. I’ve spent a couple hours on Pinterest looking for ideas, and this post is by far the most realistic and practical one I’ve found! Thank you!

    • Thanks Mary! We have some road trips planned this summer and I keep referencing what we’ve done before that has been successful. The cars and the bubbles are always favorites! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Our go-to is mini magnadoodles. Each of my kids have one. Sometimes my husband will draw things for them and then they “color” them in.

    On one trip we took, we got a bunch of kazoos, whistles, train whistles, and slide whistles. During one of the longer parts of the drive, I handed them out and we all made music. The kids loved it. You definitely want to take them back, otherwise you’ll end up with a headache.

  4. With the play dough balloons, put the play dough in the fridge first until cold/slightly stiff. Then have someone else hold open the balloon while you stuff it. It was a breeze for us as it took less than 5 minutes to stuff 3 balloons. Good luck!

  5. Found this site on Pinterest…Thanks for sharing such great ideas! I love the wallet idea. My 2 year old is still obsessed with taking-things-out-putting-things-back, so these are awesome!

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