1. Hey! Great post. I didn’t have baby showers for either of my little ones, but I’m pretty introverted too, so I didn’t mind not being the center of attention. I started making onesie making kits that I sell in my Etsy shop that I would have loved to do had I had a baby shower. Just another idea to share for people who might want something crafty to do. They’re not as messy as the markers- they are iron on appliques that don’t require sewing and they’re super cute. Hope you might check them out!

    • Those are adorable! And I love that Mom (or the hostess) gets a little more control over what goes on the onesies! I’ve seen some that are just saturated in glittery fabric paint that no mother really wants to try to wash and looks so uncomfortable for baby. Those are a great idea. I will have to remember your shop for any future baby showers I may end up throwing. Thanks for commenting!