1. Can you create the same consistency with just the glitter glue and more water
    or more clear glue and glitter and less water?
    trying to come up with a craft for a lot of kids and trying to make it as easy as possible

    • So, you could absolutely omit one of the glues. The glitter will add more sparkle to your bottle, the glitter in the glue is often concentrated at the bottom and hard to divide among the bottles. The glitter glue is thicker, will make any loose glitter fall slower and will add some color to the water. It definitely needs the hot water though to dissolve. The clear glue is easier to use and make adjustments with if you are trying to make a timer out of these. It’s also easier to get the clear glue to dissolve.

      If I were trying to make these with a bunch of kids, I would pour the glitter into the bottles beforehand if possible. Then let the kids pour in some clear glue and add the warm water. Good luck!

    • The bubbles will settle. I always squeeze them out, otherwise there will be a lot of empty space at the top of the bottle when it’s settled and you’ll create foam and more bubbles every time you shake it. I fill my bottles to the neck of the bottle with water. A little space makes they glitter mix easier, but the bubbles are hidden by the bottle cap. Good luck!

  2. I am so excited to make this for my special needs toddler. I have tried everything and hope this helps. Thanks

  3. What kind of super glue did you use? I’m pretty pumped to do this for my littles. Wondered if super light tiny toys would work in here to do a “search and find”! Thanks for the idea!

    • I’ve found it kind of depends on the type of bottle. Regular old super glue seems to work well with water bottles, but you have to make sure the lid and mouth of the bottle are good and dry or it won’t seal very well.

      I’ve seen bottles with Lego figurines in them before. I haven’t tried it though… supposedly, they float to the top while the glitter sinks. I’ve thought about trying shaped buttons or beads before, but never have. I’d love to know how they turn out if you do make a search and find! Thanks for stopping and taking time to comment!

  4. How big are the larger bottles you used? I love how these look! Also do you remember what the proportions for the small bottle were? I’m hoping these will help distract my toddler when tantrums threaten 🙂

    • I don’t remember exactly on the big bottles, but they were Sparkling ICE bottles (the product photo I found on Google says 17 FL OZ). Just a heads up, they are heavy. I’ve had to take my kids’ bottles away more than once because they think shaking them up while throwing them across the room is a good idea… boys, ugh! =)

      I have no idea what the proportions were in the small bottle, sorry. I haven’t made one like that since and, at the time, I was just kind of winging it. Start with about a tsp of glue and half the bottle of water. I use hot water so the glue mixes well, but be careful because you can melt your bottles if the water is too hot. Also, glitter glue is thicker and takes longer to fall through than the clear school glue. Put the cap on and see if your fall rate is about right. My little guy has a super short attention span when sitting still is involved so I made it fall pretty fast. If it’s too fast, add more glue. Too slow, add more water. Keep in mind too that the glitter will fall a little slower when the bottle cools down.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that my 4 year old and i had a blast making the sparkle bottles last night. We used the small 12 oz soda bottles. The only issue we had was with the water i put it on the stove till it was steaming and it almost melted the bottle and was a little to hot to handle. When we made the second one i just turned on the tap water and let it get hot and it worked perfectly. I also added a drop of food coloring to make the color more bold. Great idea!! We loved it.

    • It’s actually just one of the bottles you get in a “travel pack”. They come empty and are intended for you to fill them with personal hygiene products that will pass through airport security. I’ve seen them at Wal-Mart with all the other “travel size” hygiene products, but I ordered mine from Specialty Bottle. I used a waterproof glue to secure the lid shut as well as gluing it onto the container. So far, no issues with leaking (it’s been over six months since I made them).

      You can also find the mini bottles in my Etsy Shop.

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